It's A Choice

Since beginning HTM, I’ve taken much more time to review the newspaper and media coverage of how the national and global recessions are impacting governments, industries, workers, and college graduates. There are obvious uncertainties. Graduating students have been carefully assessing the opportunity landscape before making career decisions. For graduates, many times accepting a job is a matter of survival rather than choice. A few articles I’ve found over the last few days (1, 2, 3, 4 , 5) demonstrate how some college graduates are coping with all the uncertainty and the inability to begin their career.

Often when faced with personal challenge, recent graduates have a tendency to look outside, and let what they hear and see dictate how they think and feel and thus influence the decisions that they make. They forget about their potential, their capacity to cope with change, and their ability to be innovative. New college graduates may also lose sight of their own interests and needs, and in that minute they do so, they give ownership of their own careers. Indeed, some of these articles point to unpreparedness; however, they also point to college graduates’ tenacity and resiliency — an aptitude employers continuously seek and value.