Definition of Success?

We often get preoccupied with measuring our own success with standards established  by others. This occurs in our education, our careers, and personal lives. When I was choosing a place to attend college, for example, I wasn’t concerned about whether it was 1st-Tier or 2nd-Tier school – in fact – I  didn’t know there was such a “system” until I was in college.

As a college recruiter, there was always pressure to recruit from “top-tier” schools. We did but I also made an effort to recruit from schools that we’re not on anyone’s radar.  I really don’t get why there’s a preoccupation with lists or rankings. An education is ultimately what you make of it. I got out of my education what I put into it. The president of my alma mater (The University of Texas at El Paso) would say at every graduation that the quality of any educational institution can be measured by the performnace of their graduates in the workforce.  

I think it’s good advice. It equalizes the playing field.