Two Reports Worth Reading

There are two reports that were released this week that provide valuable information on the Hispanic college student experience. I’ve not had a chance to read the details of the report shared by Education Trust regarding the differences between colleges and universities in recruiting and retaining college students so I’ll stop short of providing my perspective. The study is yet another indication that colleges, organizations, and other institutions are at least beginning to realize the importance of recruiting and developing Hispanic talent and the Hispanic workforce. Below is an abstract of what you’ll find in the study:

To improve degree attainment among Hispanic students,colleges and universities simply must enroll more of them. But it’s just as important that these institutions also boost their graduation rates and close graduation-rate gaps. This brief calls attention to the colleges and universities that are serving Hispanic students well, as evidenced by small or nonexistent graduation-rate gaps between Hispanic and white students. We also shine a necessary light on institutions with particularly large gaps—the institutions that are not serving these students as effectively as they should.

Another report entitled “How American Pays for College,” sponsored by Sallie Mae and Gallup, supplements some of the information found in the report above. Among the many findings, the study reports that Hispanic families were more likely to eliminate colleges based on cost alone – even before researching a school. The report includes additional information on how Hispanics finance their college education. Two very good reads.