Hispanic Talent: The Future is Now

Earlier today, I had a chance to watch the Ronald McDonald House Charities’ (RMHC)/HACER college scholarship recipient webcast. The RMHC/HACER partnership awards $100,000 to fulfill the college dreams of Hispanic college students. This year marks 25th Anniversary of the RMHC/HACER Scholarship Program.

I was truly inspired by the accomplishments of these young Latino leaders. Many are now in college studying economics, biology, and the arts. While each of these students are deserving of a scholarship for academic achievements, it’s also worth noting that all of them give back to their community. As one recipient aptly noted, “It’s up to us to change the world.”

Despite numerous barriers, at times posed by some in their own family, these scholarship recipients shared how they overcame challenges by believing in themselves and with the support of their colleges and mentors; a critical aspect of successful Hispanic college students. The program did an excellent job of having recipients share their experiences in getting ready for college: SATs, admissions, scholarships, and developing relationships. If the recorded webcast is available, I’ll upload the link. Truly worth watching.

More information about the RMHC and HACR Scholarship for 2011 can be found here.