Recharged and Ready

There’s nothing like sitting on a rocky beach watching the waves crash against huge boulders to recharge your mental batteries! As always, New England was gorgeous but glad to be home — and back with you on HTM! 

For me the second half of 2010 promises to be a busy one with teaching, writing, presenting, and other exciting projects. The last two weeks also provided an opportunity to reflect on the last year. As I shared in my earlier post below,  I started HTM as a way to contribute and join the discussion regarding Hispanics in the workforce and Hispanic leadership. If I had known a year ago what I know today, I would’ve done some things differently – but not many. One year later, HTM has become something more. It’s literally taken on a life of its own, and I often sit back and wonder how it happened! More importantly, I think about how HTM will continue to grow and be a resource for those that share my passion for increasing the representation of Hispanics in the workforce. So over the next few months, I’ll consider how to accomplish this goal and continue on this marvelous journey which has already given me so much.

Thanks for being part of this adventure – see you soon!