Signs of the Economic Times

A few articles from the last few days provide a snapshot of how the current recession is still impacting college recruiting. Business Week has a report on NACE’s salary report indicating wages remaining stagnant for new hires but not decreasing as compared to 2008. NACE reports less than 20 percent of 2009 grads who have applied for a job actually have one in hand. Despite the lack of jobs, most respondents say they expect to enter the job market. Perhaps so but similar to previous economic downturns, college graduates are either accepting whatever job they can get or entering grad school to ride out the recession. Both are obviously not the choices  newly degreed professionals want to make. On the other hand, PayScale reports on the college graduates that are finding jobs – not surprising.  Finally, a trend I’m seeing in my own neighborhood here in Cincinnati – graduates returning home to live with their parents.