Is Your Interview Process Better Than the U.S. Senate's?

Watching some of the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan today was a bit frustrating. It seems as though the confirmation process has deteriorated to both an unproductive and politicized activity by which we select our highest judges. The outlandish focus on the outcomes of high profile cases produces an unpleasant and ineffective process. It seems the process would be better served by focusing on the nominee’s qualifications – legal aptitude, experience and knowledge. Much like the confirmation hearing, employee selection is about hiring the right candidate for the job. While the interview process has been both criticized and praised, it remains the most important part of recruiting. However, much like we’ve seen over the history of Supreme Court confirmation hearings, the problem of selection is often associated with ineffective interviewers as well as a poor interview process. So – when was the last time you reviewed your interview framework and techniques? How about now?