More Hispanic H.S. Grads Heading to College

This is an excellent study by Pew Research focusing on minority college enrollment over the last few years. The news and trends are especially positive for Hispanic freshman. Why the boom? A few reasons are cited but a major reason is Hispanic high school completion rates. Data strongly suggest that the freshman college enrollment spike that occurred is closely related to the minority high school completion spike that occurred the same year. Some highlights below –with  the full report is here.

Large freshman enrollment growth was evident among the nation’s racial and ethnic minorities. Overall freshman enrollment was up 6%. Hispanic freshmen increased by 40,000 compared with 2007, a 15% increase in enrollment and the largest of any of the major racial/ethnic groups.

In short, since 2007 there has been significant growth in minority freshmen (particularly Hispanic) and there has been significant minority freshman growth in each tier of postsecondary education, including four-year colleges and universities.

In addition, the first year of the recession was a time when young Hispanics, in particular, were completing high school at record rates. According to Census Bureau surveys, the Hispanic high school completion rate reached an all-time high in October 2008 at 70%.