Menudo of Posts

A lot catching my interest over the last few days but lots going on offline – which is a good thing! Below are links to some articles/posts that I think you’ll find worth your time and learning. Enjoy!

Hispanic College Success – All in the Family – A great article on what colleges are doing to support Hispanic college students. Bottom line – a support system that mirrors cultural aspects of family (community) is an integral part for success. Much of the strategies can also be applied to on-boarding Hispanic college grads.

Cross Cultural CoachingInteresting thoughts and suggestions regarding how culture can impact the coaching process and what coaches and/or mentors should know when working in multi-cultural environments. I’ve got a guest blog post coming up on this later. Stay tuned.

College Students’ Changing Priorities – CNN shares a story about how college student priorites are changing with the current economic environment. Money line for me: ‘Last year, 40 percent of seniors who applied for jobs received an offer and only 45 percent accepted them, according to a National Association of Colleges and Employers survey.’ Read the whole story.

BBC News Creating Awareness – It was nice to see this great story by BBC News providing an overview of the U.S. Hispanic population. They do a very good job of hitting some major issues in a very short piece.  

Still Missing the Boat – A nice blog post by Bixal on how marketers are still not tapping Hispanic Latinas – particularly those small business owners and professionals. Given Latinas growing presence in all business and social categories – it really doesn’t take rocket science – or does it? Some great lessons for employers as well.