Lessons from NACE 2010 – Part 1

While I’m not at the NACE 2010 Conference this year, I feel like I am because of the flood of informative tweets coming out of the conference (#NACE2010). Thanks to everyone for sharing their great tweets. I’ve put together a quick summary of the #NACE2010 tweets thus far. Each tweet hopefully provides a starting point to review and evaluate your efforts in recruiting the brightest and best!  Enjoy!

Day 1
The first day was buzzing around Keith Ferraazi’s Day 1 keynote address. In short, my take away from the great tweets were: leave your egos at the door: build community, connections, and relationships through generosity…interesting to see the parallels between Keith Ferrazzi’s message and the mission of the folks in attendance. Some notable tweets:

It’s about building relationships, not “networking”
How do we equip students with passion and drive for their future career
Humans are naturally tribal- we long for community to share experiences
We are losing our practice of building connections
Research shows that success in life is directly correlated to peoples ability to relationally connect with others
Technologies are not to blame for our lack of connection. They are the answer to that lack
Insecurities cause us to put up walls and create egos to show we belong
The number one way to establish new relationships is generosity
Who are the people bragging about you behind ur back at work?


Day 2 Keynote
Amber MacArthur (author of Power Friending: Demystifying Social Media to Build Your Business) motivated NACE attendees to increase their tweeting power. Much of Amber’s thoughts centered on social media and how it can and should be incorporated into college recruiting efforts. Judging by the number of tweets, she obviously provided some excellent food for thought. Some notable tweets:

Social media needs to enhance & support education. Don’t fight it. It’s the way to make impact
The ABCs of social media – authenticity, bravery & conistency
To get noticed you need to do something different
Keep it fresh. Use multimedia. Encourage comments. SHARE YOUR PASSION
90% of people get their info about your Facebook brand through their News
Social media tips: grow from inside out, seed the community and post to multiple sites at same time
Crowdsourcing: getting user input on a subject in real time. Hotels, career advice, etc. Just another way @twitter adds value!
Augmented reality will change the education landscape. Count on it – it’s just a matter of time.

Some Notable Tweets & Themes from Knowledge Sessions Thus Far

Measure, Assess, and Measure Again.
A lot of tweets regarding the importance of measuring for success given the trends impacting employers and colleges today. A lot of discussion about leveraging technology as a way to off-set many of the budget constraints faced by colleges and employers.

Social Media – Get with the program IF you’re not using it!
Some tweets mainly from Lindsey Pollak’s (@lindseypollak) presentation,  ‘Social Media No Longer Being an Option’

Why social media matters: marketing, research, networking, list management & fun
Facebook, linkedin, Twitter are no longer options for companies
You have to have a presence
Think of LinkedIn status as your professional billboard
Twitter may not stick around, but the art of tweeting absolutely will
Only 20% of 18-25 y/o are on Twitter
When thinking of SM, think about Return on RELATIONSHIPS, not only ROI
The number of followers you have isn’t as important as engagement
80/20 Tweeting Rule: 80% professional and 20% a little personal
Message to students – come follow us, we won’t follow you. Verrrry interesting Twitter philosophy
80% of companies use or plan to use LinkedIn as their priimary tool to find employees! Students need to get on it!
if ur not on LinkedIn, u don’t exist professionally
USC has a dedicated social media manager within the recruiting team
According to @NACEOrg research 53% of graduating students don’t use social networking sites in job search
Kelley Bishop of Michigan State on social media strategy for colleges: Leap first, adjust later.

Legal Issues and Internships Theme Tweets
Unpaid internships session #NACE10: Read Ed Easterley’s legal guidance in the Feb 2010 NACE Journal http://bit.ly/cnEdud

International Experience Tweets
Does study abroad make a difference to employers? YES -Helps 1 develop communication skills & understanding of cultural differences

Some employers using video interviewing when students are away for study abroad. #NACE10 / We aim to do just that for GREM

Employer Branding Tweets
Employers say that most important aspect of CR is branding and the best technique is faculty relationships

Building Emp Brand on LinkedIn to attract college students…2M members join per month..1 per second!

Do you think of yourself as a “brand ambassador”? Does your individual voice rise to the top?

@maureencrawford doesn’t recommend recruiters use Facebook. Great for branding, but perhaps not recruiting

Employers like access to faculty who can help them solve problems, not just access to talent

Send out press releases filled with keywords like “advice”, your company name and “insight”

If your company is uptight about trying social media, just say you’re running a pilot 🙂

A Final Thought for Part 1
The time is coming when career svces offices have to become career agents.