New Rule: Netweaving

A very cool article about how networking is good — but netweaving is better. So what is netweaving and how is it more valuable than networking? Here is how Karen Lindsey-Lloyd describes netweaving:

Netweaving creates a different mental image and involves a different expectation. It’s more about building strong, mutually beneficial relationships while realizing that we all have something to offer. My definition of netweaving is when like-minded people share expertise, exchange contacts and share valuable information while crossing paths through shared passions, authenticity and using multiple technologies to communicate; Netweaving is the effortless use of knowledge and creating quality personal interactions to build relationships that result in positive results for everyone invovled.

Funny how we sometimes need to take a step back from what we know to change the way view things. A paradigm shift usually happens when we become too comfortable  with different terms or concepts simply because we hear or see them often enough. Read the whole article and plan on you’ll become a netweaver.