More than College Career Fairs: How 'Engagement' is Done

Intern Bridge shares a great post regarding employer engagement on campus penned by Sara Gonzalez at Amway. For employers looking for a starting point or ‘blueprint’ of either starting or revamping their college recruiting efforts – here’s a great place to start.  As I shared via the post’s comments section, I think the atmosphere on college campuses has certainly changed. College recruits need to be seen more as consumers not only looking for the right opportunity – but the right fit. While career fairs serve a purpose, they’re only part of a larger college recruitment strategy which allows an organization to be actively engaged with a campus. Yet, many organizations are still using traditional recruiting approaches to reach a new generation of students. Students are also much savvier, multicultural, and engaged given the rise of technology.  Unlike the days when I was looking for my “first job,” It’s easy to spot an organization that is “not walking the talk” from what they say on campus and what they do within their industry using social media, Google, and networking resources. This is what today’s college student is following as a strategy to find the right employer – so it indeed takes more than attending a college career fair.