Interesting 'Beyond Demographics Study' Results

NBC Universal, Telemundo and Starcom MediaVest Group have shared the results of a year long Latino Identity study which recognizes 12 Latino identities. The study goes beyond the traditional approach of identifying or understanding Latinos based on factors such as language, country of origin, or acculturation. In addition to the 12 Latino identities, the study also provides what is termed “four wide-lifestyle spectrums:”

1. Change Agents: Mired in change or progress, either for themselves or the community; shifting perceptions.
2. Principled Led: Dogmatic, confident in their beliefs and opinions, very little room for “grey area” in their destiny.
3. Cultural Revivers: Responsible for retaining and promoting the culture.
4. Achievement Bound: Representing spectrums of the American dream.

This is an interesting perspective that takes a different look at traditional Latino characteristics. Fundementally, many of the identities and themes noted above can be categorized into existing thoughts about Latinos; however, it is a new way of understanding the complexity of the Latino culture. The full list of identities can be found here.