Coming Soon: HTM Podcast Series on HSI Career Centers

Next week HTM will be starting a podcast series focusing on career centers at Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). Colleges and universities are designated as HSI schools if at least 25 percent of full-time students are Latinos. Currently there are 265 colleges designated as HSIs with another 176 institutions designated as “emerging” HSIs (institutions falling just below the 25 percent threshold).  Over the next month or so, I’ll be interviewing career center professionals from these colleges to discuss their experiences, perspectives, and suggestions in working with Hispanic college students. We’ll also discuss what strategies and initiatives successful employers have implemented to successfully attaract and recruit Hispanic college graduates. Since many HSIs are beginning to emerg throughout the United States, the podcast series will also gain insight to each college’s unique viewpoint based on its size, region, and location. Given the important role HSIs play in educating Hispanic college students, I hope the series will provide both employers and career centers with some insightful information. Stay tuned!