Monthly Archives: August 2014

Living the Dream: From the Fields to the Office

Great piece from the NYT on how more Latino agricultural workers are moving from working in the fields to managing agricultural businesses. Latino owned businesses grew 21% from 2007-2012. Sergio SIlva, a high school dropout, is profiled in the video below.  With his 30+ years of industry management, Sergio partnered with someone who knew the product Рand a new business was born. The new business serves as inspiration for those working in the fields for them today.

Old News

No where is the lack of diversity in organizations more evident than in the news media. Back in May (sorry I wasn’t around for this one), MSNBC stereotyped Latinos as tequila drinking fools. About the same time, NYT ‘s Upshot made some silly assumptions about Latino identity and race. And yet again today, Upshot selects an ill advised photo of Colombian dancers as way to portray Latinos as fiesta party people in discussing Republicans and the Latino vote.

In each of these cases, a Latino on staff might have said, “You know what guys……this might not work….”

Unfortunately, the lack of diversity in newsrooms is still apparent – and unfortunate.

I’m Baaaack….

It’s been a change-filled year.

Relocating to another state is never an easy task, but I’m happy to report things are finally settling down. I love my new home state of New York. Our new town has welcomed us with open arms. With most of the big “to dos” almost complete, I’ve finally had a chance to check in and make sure my login is working – it is! : )

I’ll be seeing you soon.