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The Importance of Mentoring. Again.

The fact that Forbes and other outlets are writing yet another “importance of mentoring recent college graduates” piece illustrates that many organizations are doing it wrong or aren’t committed to it.

What is so mind boggling is that many companies expect (or assume) that just because a person (a) makes it through the hiring process, (b) is a graduate from college (c) and attends the company’s training session (if any) and he or she will automatically assimilate to the company culture. Wrong!

A New Latino College Model

Brandman University announced it is spinning off a subsidiary institution focused on Latino working adults. Ameritas College will offer associate and bachelor degrees, but more importantly, a curriculum designed to “crack the code” of helping Latinos get to graduation. Ameritas College joins National Hispanic University as one of two colleges that specifically target Latino college students. Pretty cool.

Buh Bye

LatPro announced that it is closing its “LatPro Networking” site on June 20th. I was a member of the network, but I wasn’t very active due to the site’s – how can I say this delicately – blandness.

What’s interesting is that LatPro’s announcement comes just as other job boards (e.g. CareerBuilder and Monster) are attempting to compete with LinkedIn in the career social networking space. It will be fascinating to see how these new social networking entrants compete – and it won’t take long to find out.

Just my two cents…. but I think sites like “LatPro Networking,” and perhaps their parent job board sites, will eventually fade away as well.

Why? Digital Darwinism.

Just ask Borders and Blockbuster.

Don’t You Get It? Web 2.0 is Sooo 2009

Today I pushed up a new video about mobile internet and social media, and how  together they can be a key strategy for reaching and attracting Latino talent to your organization. It’s an important factor because Latinos consistently over-index on mobile phone usage as compared to the general population. And while many industries and organizations are “getting it” – many are not.

An article in Social Media Today argues the healthcare industry still doesn’t “get it.”  Money quote:

Social media is changing the nature of healthcare interaction, and health organizations that ignore this virtual environment may be missing opportunities to engage consumers.

The point parallels much of what I see in the talent management space.

A lot of HR departments and/or consultants have jumped on the social media/Web 2.0 bandwagon, but they either “don’t get it” or sadly don’t realize the Web 2.0 train is leaving the station.

Web 2.0 is fine but mobile is the future.

Desperate for STEM Skills

How desperate are American companies for STEM skills?

So much that both Democrats and Republicans agree this is an huge issue and are looking at increasing the number of immigration visas for those with STEM skills. However, adjusting the current policy is only a short-term solution given that these small numbers wouldn’t help meet the high demand. Moreover, most of these immigrants would eventually return to their country of origin and take the knowledge with them – creating an international “brain drain” of sorts.

The long-term solution would be to develop talent here in the U.S., especially among women and underrepresented minorities which constitute a tiny number in STEM industries.