Monthly Archives: April 2012

Don’t Judge a Latino by His or Her Cover

Once again, a report by PEW Hispanic Research illustrates why Latinos are such a diverse community. A lot of good information in this report. Bottom line – keep in mind that attracting Latinos to your organization means recognizing these nuances and understanding them in the context of the workplace. Some highlights:

When it comes to describing their identity, most Hispanics prefer their family’s country of origin over pan-ethnic terms.

“Hispanic” or “Latino”? Most don’t care—but among those who do, “Hispanic” is preferred.

Most Hispanics do not see a shared common culture among U.S. Hispanics.

Many more in the report.

Thalia’s Path: The Dream of Every Latino Student

This article describing the Latino college surge in California has received a lot of attention – partly because it also mirrors a national trend. It shows that early education support programs work, especially in helping Latinos through the educational pipeline. One student describes her success was one of expectation – not only from her parents but her community:

Because of the PIQE program, Thalia said her family was aware of high school graduation requirements by the time she was in middle school. It was always assumed she would go to college. She graduated from high school with a perfect grade point average – and fierce determination.