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Speak Up

Royan Lee at The Spicey Learner starts off the new year with a short but terrific message about equity. Re-posted here:

Equity is about voice.

It’s not about Christmas Trees or Kwanzaa. It’s not about posters with a black girl standing next to a redhead standing next to an ethically ambiguous is-he-Spanish-is-he-Asian-is-he-Middle-Eastern boy. It’s not about which songs play over the public address speakers. Sure, those things can be important too, but more for marketing purposes, or just for manners’ sake. We should never forget that political correctness is more about exercising power than it is about distributing it.

Equity is about powerful voices and marginalized voices, and the entire spectrum in between. Equity is fluid, not fixed. It is political. It’s implicit, rarely overt.

Equity is about voice.

So “speak up” everyone – it’s a great goal for 2012.