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Getting Acquainted

As I get acquainted with my new community, I’ve begun to discover that Madison has no shortage of people who are already helping the Latino community here. One example is Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, District 5 City Council member. While not Latina, Ms. Bidar-Sielaff already has a long history of supporting the Latino community in Madison.

I blogged earlier regarding Centro Hispano and just came across Nuestro Mundo, Inc., a  Spanish-English dual-language immersion charter school that operates within the confines of Frank Allis Elementary School on Madison’s east side. Very cool.

Hola from Madison!

Well it only took three weeks to get back online – but in case you were wondering, I’ve made it to Madison!

Where to begin. Simply put – Madison is everything people have said it would be: diverse, cultural, fun, energetic, athletic, beautiful,  healthy and ecological. People that live here take a lot of pride in their community. From the lakes to the parks – from the museums to the shops – every weekend has given us a sense that Madison is a great place to live. Let me rephrase that – an excellent place to live. I love it. Did I mention it’s awesome? 

The capitol square area (picture is mine!) is really the epicenter of political activity. There’s never a shortage of people exercising their freedom of speech rights. People are passionate about their respective causes so much that one comes away with a sense of inspiration watching and hearing the voice of democracy.

As I drive around Madison, I have begun to see the small Latino grocery stores that cater to the growing Latino population. I’m excited to begin exploring what the Latino community is doing here and will share information as I come across it.

Stay tuned!

Next Stop – Madison

The last few weeks have been rather hectic due to our relocation to Madison so my apologies for the lack of communication. I’ll resume posts next week once we land in Madison.

Thanks for being a good town to us Cincy – we’ll miss you and all the great friends we made here.

Hasta pronto!