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Trend: Hispanics Use Mobile Devices More Than Other Groups

Mobile devices have given today’s college students a variety of options. Students can take in a job fair on campus via a Twitter #hashtag or participate in an online career expo. Networking doesn’t need to be done in a face-to-face environment but rather through Facebook, MySpace or a number of other online social networking sites. As college student technological savvy continues to increase, so does the opportunity for employer college recruitment efforts. According to a new report by the Pew Hispanic Center, most of these new “hyper-users” are young Latinos and African Americans. Both the Pew Center and the Nielsen Company report that Hispanics are using their phones more robustly than are whites. If you’re interested in reaching Hispanic college graduates, your recruitment strategy needs to leverage this important technological trend.

Hispanic (& Non-Traditional) College Grads: Some Thoughts

My job search as a graduating college student was a guidebook on how not to find the right career. Although I did have two job offers upon graduation, the one I accepted was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Looking back now, I realize that one of the many challenges I faced was my “non-traditional” background as a student. Unlike many of my peers in college, I was much older (27 when I graduated), had several years of work experience, and already had management experience in my young career. Rather than using previous experiences and background to my advantage, I tried going the “traditional” route of finding a job. Although my skills were appreciated, once in the organization, I was adrift in a corporate management program with little motivation or direction. It was a disaster. Today, non-traditional is a term that still describes Hispanic college students. While non-traditional students differ in many respects, one area of significant difference is the job choices they make.   Continue reading