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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is time for family, friends, and reflection on the blessings we each have in our lives. I intend to do just that over the next few days so postings will be absent for a few days while I enjoy my family and the start of the holidays.

Best wishes to all for a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

See you soon.

A Tough Road Ahead

Things are tough and college graduates are finding themselves in between a rock and hard place. NPR describes the dire situation faced by some college graduates being unable to repay their student loans. College graduates are finding themselves under-employed, or worse yet unemployed, and therefore struggling to pay their student loans. The situaion does not seem any better in the short term. With NACE reporting that college recruiting has seen significant drops on campus, the economy’s slow recovery, and the increased pool of experienced professionals in the job market, college graduates have some significant challenges in the coming months and year.

Catching Up!

The Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA) has joined the National Association of Hispanic Education’s Hispanic STEM Initiative Network. The partnership reinforces NAHE’s current implementation of an aggressive five-year plan to mobilize the nation’s full range of human and institutional assets for the expressed purpose of improving the educational attainment of Hispanic students, particularly in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Procter & Gamble became the second-leading marketer to emphasize that fashioning its business to adapt to a multicultural society will be key going forward. is a new  premier online community for the 1.6 million Hispanic-owned small and medium sized businesses in the United States. The site provides the depth of resources, content and community for the fast growing Latino business community. the ideal platform for marketers wishing to reach Hispanic business owners, entrepreneurs and managers — an affluent and highly desirable but elusive segment of the market.

Keila Cosme will join the 6th District Court of Appeals becoming the first Hispanic named to an Ohio appellate court. Ms. Cosme has specialized in civil litigation for 15 years.

Finally – the second annual Social Recruiting Summit was held in New York earlier this week. Here a few links that summarize some key take aways and provide videos from the meeting: 1234.

Hispanic, College Recruitment, & Scholarship Links

PODER360 provides a great overview of how to increase Hispanic knowledge capital in higher education. As their post notes “education has to go beyond enrollments, it is about providing human beings with opportunities to prove themselves that they are able to make a difference, and will positively impact society as a whole.”

Jonathan Hilley over at TAG argues that college career centers operate under a model that is outdated and in need of major revision. Jonathan argues one approach career centers could use would be to leverage their “real world” contacts through networking and collaborative intiatives.   

VotoLatino provides a statistical summary of the Hispanic population in the United States. The summary covers education, business, states, counties, voting, and other insightful information. If you’re looking for a quick view of the Hispanic population – this is a great post!

Finally the Hispanic College Fund (HCF) has announced that it is now accepting applications for 2010-2011 scholarships. A great opportunity for Hispanic high school graduates looking for financial support. To qualify for the scholarships, undergraduate and graduate students must maintain a 3.0 out of 4.0 GPA; be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident residing in the United States or Puerto Rico; be enrolled full-time at an accredited university for the 2010-2011 school year; and must demonstrate financial needs. Certain scholarships are restricted by major. For more information visit HCF. Get the word out to those high school counselors.

#Socialrecruiting : Check Out the LiveStream on ERE

If you are interested in how social media is impacting recruiting – especially how it can be applied to college recruiting – watch the live stream graciously provided by Sessions are certain to provide some great insights to how social media continues to change the recruiting landscape. The sessions and tweets will be archived for later viewing. If you’d like to follow the discussion on Twitter use the #socialrecruiting hashtag. Enjoy!

College Choice Based on Earnings?

Business Week last week ran an interesting article regarding the salary outcomes of college grads that attend top tier schools as opposed to others. Their student found that graduates of prestigious institutions earned thehigher salaries than college graduates that did not attend these schools.What do these findings suggest for potential college students and their families who every year make decisions about which college to attend and how much to pay? Are these results any clearer for Hispanic students and their families?

Although differences among colleges can have a large effect on earnings, choices that students make regardless of which college they attend (especially major field of study) have substantial effects on later labor market outcomes. I would suggest much more goes into a decision about which college to attend than the prospect of future earnings. Potential earning are certainly an important outcome of a college education, and the earnings advantage of a college degree cannot be dismissed. However, there are other important outcomes of a college education that are not included in this type of discussion. Students (and their families) differ in the value they place on these other outcomes. For example, contact with a diverse group of students, faculty, development of cultural and aesthetic interests, and so on.

Clear Communication: A Tool for Retaining Hispanic Employees

Once new hires enter an organization, how does an organization assure they are retained? With regard to Hispanic employees, it could be that the organizational culture and/or policies and Hispanic employees are not on the same page.

Effective communication of culture or policies may not be reaching those employees that are affected the most and when it comes to Hispanic employees, the gap between the “company line” and the “true” message could ultimately have long term recruiting and retention consequences. Here are some factors and possible solutions to consider:

Factor – Supporting Diversity in the Workplace
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College Recruiting: A Role in Addressing the Industry/Academic Gap

In recent weeks, I’ve been exploring business opportunities addressing the “cultural gap” between industry and academia. The interest was sparked a few months back when a friend, who works for Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL), told me of a frustrating experience he experienced working in partnership with a certain university. Two teams (one JPL and one university) worked to develop software for a satellite project. When the teams met to discuss their ideas, he said they spent more time bickering over their respective approaches rather than their solutions.     

As businesses are growing and the world is moving toward a concept of global village, the competition among the organizations and industries is rapidly increasing. In such an environment of high interaction, the existence of any business/economy is dependent upon not only the optimal utilization of current available resources, but also on innovation and communication. However, there is often a gap between what college students learn in theory and what is actually practiced in industry. Continue reading

Intern Bridge Conference Presentation

I’ve been selected to present at Intern Bridge’s Online Career Services Conference in January. InternBridge provides services focused on internship opportunities for college students. It’s an exciting opportunity to share some of my research on Hispanic college recruitment and retention strategies. It’s also refreshing to be part of a conference that incorporates technology to deliver information to career professionals who would normally not be able to attend such events. According the InternBridge, previous online conferences have hosted over 500 participants. Many of them are university career center professionals with limited travel budgets. Thanks to! I’m looking forward to being part of the event.